Game 3

2-3 Loss at Houston Well, our defense sucks. But, again like last week's game, the defensive stand through the midfield is simply not good. It seems that Dos Santos decided to begin building his team with the focus meet solely on the attack. We were promised a high press, a team based off the 5-3-2,… Continue reading Game 3


Game 2

1-0 loss at Salt Lake Only managed to catch half the game so this is a bit cut off. After a full game and a week to practice, Marc dos Santos continues to build the team. I saw a better movement on the attack, but the worry continues to be the defense. The two central… Continue reading Game 2

On TSN, the Gold Cup and Alphonso Davies…

First of, cheers must be given out to the quality presentation that TSN gave us throughout the tournament. Yes, most of the games were feeds from Foxsports, but the important thing is that they carried all the games.  The prior Gold Cups on Sportsnet were, at best, an overlooked production.  We had to suffer through… Continue reading On TSN, the Gold Cup and Alphonso Davies…