Game #10… @Houston

2-1 loss.

What is it about travelling to Texas that just startles this team.

It should be some sort ‘park the bus’ mentality and tactic that we go in but nothing of the sort is ever produced.  Our past teams have gone I with a sense of fear; probably developed from having shitty teams go up against more established systems, but we should really have something better by now.


A Waston pen, Brek headed goal, Teibert in for Laba, and Davies for Tchani.
So those are the’highlights’.

Pro Referees being overly cautious and following league directives to the T really is a drag on this league.  They don’t seem to have any common sense when making these calls.  Last year it was the huge rush of red cards at the beginning of the year.  This year the incidental contact creating penalties just seem ridiculous.

The Whitecaps performed as expected in Houston.

Which is terrifying.  That there are no real expectations to win here.

Just to show up….


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