Game #9…@ Colorado

A win!



Just Dreadful.

Robinson once again maintained the same 11 and the same formation.  This is great to see for a team needing that sense of clarity in their tactics to evolve; they need to become fully aware of the roles on the field and be able to expand on them while playing.  The questions will be asked when changes to the midfield are made once Jordy Reyna is fit.

However, this game presented the formation the task of playing at altitude.  I will say that the game plan and tactics were used perfectly.  No room to attack was overly given away; the Rapids were completely without any sense of danger.

 But the Caps were lacking creativity.  They never really generated much offense and the goal I think was more luck than anything else.

The only real progress here was the consistent tactics.  The apparent 4-14-1 with Jacobson and Tchani solves the defensive needs, but, as this game illustrated, it doesn’t​do much for creative football.


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