Game #6… vs Seattle

A win!

By pure luck, because we certainly did not justify it with any sense of domination.  

Pure luck: Dempsey hits the cross bar a few minutes in; a couple of blocks on the goal line; and that win despite yet another of Robinson’s tactical shift.

Robinson cannot settle on a scheme for this team neither in the starting 11, nor in their tactics.  I fear that this is becoming a repressing theme that is really affecting the team.  We saw him return to a two D-mid system, this time it was Teibert partnering with Laba. And we also saw Bolaños return to the 10 role.

I was surprised with Teibert.  After his anonymity in the RSL game I was certainly expecting to see Tchani make a return.  But Teibert acquitted himself and gave a strong performance, the kind that makes you wish he would just be able to reproduce consistently.  

Teibert is a frustration  for me.  He looks busy, always running​ around chasing things and giving the impression that he is accomplishing something.  But really all his chasing is just him being out of position.  Teibert has suffered from being a Whitecap at the wrong time.  Had the team existed for a few years prior to his arrival he would have developed in an established system and a foundation that would have given him a true direction on  the field.  Instead he’s turned out to be an almost player; always teasing with potential.

But against Seattle, Teibert proved his quality in frustrating the Seattle attack.  It allowed the team some space where they were mostly overrun throughout the match.  With Teibert we saw what this match was about: determination.

The quality being produced by the Whitecaps​ has been low right now.  We are having difficulty defending (though it must pointed out that Waston and Parker are having a year), and the transition game is flawed.  

And so having a game decide on luck can only be a sign for hope that affects our mentality.


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